Capital Solutions

Capital Solutions

Unique Opportunity for Borrowers

Windsor Capital Management offers full service and premium debt capital solutions for a range of real estate developers and investors. We come with a credible and diverse portfolio of commercial mortgages under management. Our years of experience in the business make us one of the largest providers of property development funding capital in Australia.

Our track record boasts of some of the largest, most complex and diversified clients in commercial real estate. On top of these, we continue to work with an increasing number of international developers looking to establish long-term presence and economic growth in Australia.

We have the expertise to advise on different strategic mandates such as origination, structuring and placement and that is across different debt capital structures focusing on the provision of structured finance lending.

Windsor remains active in all types of commercial real estate dealings. Our distinguished track record and proven capabilities to bring structured finance solutions for complex and large-scale project assure you that we can handle your projects in the most efficient and beneficial way possible.