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Get investment insights and updates via email

Loan determination process

1 Needs Analysis

Needs Analysis

Before presenting investment opportunities to investors Windsor Capital Management reviews your investment requirements, targeted returns and risk profile.

2 Review of Investment Opportunities

Review of Investment Opportunities

A detailed assessment is undertaken to filter the opportunity by our investment committee and to ensure it meets the investors needs.

3 Recommendation and proposals

Recommendations and Proposal

Investors will be presented various detailed loan opportunities which include a summary of the loan proposal outlining the loan parameters, security property and full investment details.

4 Investor Authority

Investor Authority

Investor to complete the authority form to confirm investment details and commitment for the opportunity.


5 Implementation


Preparation of Mortgage and other security documents are completed, including conducting final property searches and verifications prior to settlement.

6 Ongoing Management

Ongoing Management

Throughout the duration of the loan term Windsor Capital Management will continues the management of the investment to ensure you are informed and to minimise any potential risks.

Responsible Investing

•   Investment is secured by a registered first or second mortgage
•   Each mortgage opportunity is stringently analysed by the Windsor Capital Management investment committee to ensure it meets our strict criteria prior to presenting to investors.
•   As an investor, your contribution is not pooled and specific investment mortgage securities are held in the name of the investor.
•   The investor has choice of which mortgage they invest in.
•   Windsor Capital Management manages the mortgage on behalf of the investors throughout the term of the investment.
•   Windsor Capital Management engages reputable consultants and legal representatives to ensure the highest standards are achieved.
•   Income is fixed for the term of the investment at a fixed interest rate, early.

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