Windsor Capital Management is an independent is a Private Funds Management & Advisory firm servicing a diverse client base in Australia. The focus of the company has been to deliver value and quality investments through capital structuring and real estate management.


Windsor Capital Management (WCM) is a Private Funds Management & Advisory firm providing secured mortgages on property transactions for borrowers. We provide finance options for property-based borrowers who are unable to meet standard bank requirements.

We have been operating for years building our expertise and network along the way. We have experience in a full spectrum of Australian real estate classes including all phases and stages of debt and capital structures including funds management.

There are two core attributes that drive Windsor’s strengths:

  1. The industry expertise of our founder and team members spans an array of property-related disciplines and capital transactions.
  2. Our commitment is to tailor capital solutions for our clients by weighing the risks and rewards of transactions based on our industry expertise.

Windsor Capital Management’s competitive advantage lies on its independent nature within the market. The company follows a different framework not limited to the scope of banks and other firms. This allows us to minimise possible risks and conflicts with other parties. We negotiate with an ownership mindset for clients and ensure confidentiality and management of risks in the best way possible. We work and manage constraints through the skills and know-how of highly trained professionals.

Since its inception, Windsor Capital Management has been involved in the development and management of a variety of real estate projects as a capital manager, principal investor or independent advisor. We uphold an entrepreneurial culture that allows us to develop a strong approach and in-depth understanding of real estate and risk management. We strive to be ever adaptive to the market to deliver the best results.


No business is an island and we understand the importance and role of business alliances to all ventures. We continue to build trusted relationships with major developers, private high net worth investors, construction firms, professional advisers and family offices to bring pioneering services and solutions. We are committed to improving and managing property transactions efficiently.

How we maintain a high level of accountability

Board of Directors: Our Board comprises of professionals from banking, accounting, property, investment & commercial finance management industries.

Returns: Windsor Capital Management offers investments which provide fixed interest to investors seeking better performance in a secured and transparent environment. Investing with Windsor Capital Management means you can receive your interest monthly, quarterly, or annually. Interest is credited direct to your bank account and you receive monthly statements detailing your returns.

Use of Funds: Registered First and Second Mortgages secured over Land & Buildings for residential and commercial purposes.

Terms: Terms can range from 3 months up to 18 months, to reduce any associated risks with changes in the economic lifecycle. With the large variety of loans on offer, you can discuss the investment term which suits your needs.

Security: The security and safety of your investment is a high priority at Windsor Capital Management. As Windsor Capital Management is a real estate debt manager, the funds invested are directly lent to borrowers who in return for the loan offer a mortgage on real estate security.