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The Team

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Chrish Samuel

Managing Director

Chrish is the Group Managing Director and founder of the firm in 2010 and has over 15 years experience in financial services with an extensive track record across real estate investments. Chrish is responsible for overseeing the group’s activities, setting the strategic direction of the business, as well as building and enhancing relationships with the firm’s clients and investors. Chrish is a member of the Windsor Capital Investment Committee and is the Chief Investment Officer for the various Windsor Capital debt, equity and real estate funds. Chrish Holds Diplomas in Financial Services and is a member of the Institute of Company Directors.

Robert Chhem

Director, Investments

Robert brings more than 10 years of extensive expertise in corporatefinance, commercial lending, capital raising, and investor relations,demonstrated through his successful tenure in senior management positions withinprominent ASX-listed companies. Throughout his career, Robert has spearheadedcritical strategic investment initiatives, including business transformations,major acquisitions and demergers, and successful debt and equity raisingventures. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Commerce, aGraduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting, and a Diploma of Finance &Mortgage Broking.

Steven Zammit

Chief Financial & Commercial Officer

Steven has over 25 years of professional experience working with ASX listed, US multinationals and SME’s across sectors including property development and construction, mining, financial and other service-based organizations. Over the last 10 years, Steven has been responsible for funding residential and commercial projects in excess of $500M. Steven has also managed the delivery of residential and commercial developments from acquisition to handover Serving as Chief Financial Officer for Oliver Hume, BPM and Ouson Group. Steven holds a Masters Applied Finance, Graduate Diploma ( Accounting & Finance ) Bachelor of Business ( Accounting ) and is a qualified CPA.

Thania Samuel

Director of Risk & Compliance

Thania utilises her years of regulatory, governance and leadership experience both in the financial services industry and as a director across a number of private companies, to oversee the risk management and governance function across Windsor Capital’s entities. Thania plays a key role in ensuring Windsor Capital is both in compliance with current regulatory standards as well as aware of any legislative and regulatory change, both domestically and internationally. Thania’s regulatory and governance experience spans across both state and federal governments and the private sectors.

Thania has gained experience as a senior governance professional within a number of ASX listed companies advisory firms, local and federal government departments, which include; National Australia Bank, Telstra Corporation, AMP , Deloitte, Department of Communication and Melbourne Water. Thania specialises in compliance, risk management, financial services regulations, corporate governance and regulatory change. Thania holds degrees in Bachelors of Law, Bachelors of Psychological Sciences, Graduate Diploma’s in Legal Practice, Financial Planning (RG146) and Financial Services (Conveyancing).

Robert Luburic

Group Accountant

Robert has over 25 years of experience in Accounting. Having worked for a number of Australia’s recognized brands in the past, Robert moved into public practice in 2002. Robert is a member of Windsor Capital’s compliance and audit committee and is a member of the Institute of Public Accountants. Robert holds a degree in Bachelor of Accounting.

Jay Siva


Jay brings a wealth of expertise to Windsor Capital with a specialised focus on analysing the dynamics of the Australian real estate market. Leveraging his profound understanding of investment principles and adeptness in market research, Jay adeptly identifies emerging trends and lucrative opportunities within the sector. Within Windsor Capital, Jay plays a pivotal role in furnishing invaluable insights derived from the latest market intelligence, thereby aiding in informed decision-making processes related to real estate investments. Moreover, he plays an integral part in streamlining loan processing workflows, meticulously assessing credit risks and facilitating prudent decisions that significantly influence loan approvals.

Jay's duality of proficiency enables him to provide a comprehensive perspective in financial analysis, effectively bridging the realms of investment potential and credit risk evaluation. His academic background includes a distinguished degree in Accounting & Finance from The London School of Economics, alongside being an ACCA finalist. Furthermore, Jay's academic prowess is exemplified by his attainment of a prestigious World Prize in Mathematics from The London School of Economics, underscoring his dedication to excellence in his field.