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Get investment insights and updates via email

17 OCT 2019

Common misconceptions of private lending​

Many developers and investors shy away from private lending due to a number of misconceptions. A common perception is that private lending is slow, expensive and inflexible.

Many of these misconceptions have grown in the past year or two as many inexperienced lenders entered the market without the resources to deliver on funding promises.

23 Sept 2019

It's time to start planning for the upturn.​

Every property developer knows you can’t pick the bottom or the top of the market.

While some pessimists are calling this is a “dead cat bounce” others are starting to see sunshine over the horizon.

1 Feb 2019

Private interest rates fall in competitive market

Interest rates in the private debt funding market has dropped significantly, despite banks closing their lending to property investors said Chrish Samuel Managing Director of Windsor Capital Management…

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